Quiz Bowl Lexicon Guide:

Due to the nature of Quiz Bowl vocabulary and jargon, we have included a Lexicon Guide filled with various terms and expressions we may use at meetings, practices, and competitions which range from inside jokes to formal terms used to denote certain aspects of competitions.

In no particular order:

FTP – “for ten points”

BAAL – Bay Area Academic League, the regional Quiz Bowl league we compete in.

NAQT – National Academic Quiz Tournaments, the national body for Quiz Bowl which encompasses the high school and college circuit. The NAQT also runs the annual national tournament.

ACF – Academic Competition Federation, a smaller governing body for Quiz Bowl that runs collegiate level tournaments and some invitationals.

TRASH – also T.R.A.S.H. for those of you who like to be cool, this phrase means “Testing Recall About Strange Happenings,” otherwise known as popular culture, rock, and rap music

“Gaius” – simply known as Gaius, Dr. Gaius Stern is the head honcho of BAAL. Just don’t call him “Gaius” to his face, he has a Ph.D for a reason you know.

Spiderman 2 – now updated to Spiderman 3, a phrase of ultimate win used to denote the inability to answer a question by giving this very valid guess.

Flags of Our Fathers – a phrase of ultimate fail, once used by one of our tournament chairs when incorrectly answering a question about a book read by Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye

Bellarmine – one of our archenemies whose team members also compete against Mira Loma in Speech and Debate. While also a rookie team with only one year of experience, they thoroughly trounced us at playoffs last year and tied MSJ in the first round. Angry Surprised Face. >:O

MSJ – the infamous Mission San Jose High School whose team owns at life. Or at least Quiz Bowl.

rocket lawn chair – something Nick might use on occassion for a good laugh

“it’s BAAL’in!” – a pun intended for promotional use. credited to Albert Yam, your treasurer.

fail – self-explanatory

fail boat – something you are in when you answer a question incorrectly after an eager buzz-in

fail sauce – something the team seasons you with when you are in the fail boat

epic fail – the state of being in the fail boat, by now, you may have realized that the Mira Loma Quiz Bowl is prone to failure

yay… – an ironic utterance of joy

“housekeeping?” – something Mira Loma B Team ’07 will always remember

“just keep going it’s probably just straight ahead” – the reason why Justin Lin, yours truly, is not trusted with directions

UC Berkeley – something Justin Lin is hard-pressed to find in times of dire need

Carl’s Jr. – an eatery we usually eat at when in the San Jose area and also an eatery that Heather Yee does not enjoy

BAAL Championships 2007 – something we never speak of unless we’re in a self-deprecating mood

Akhil – Akhil Sundararajan, our fearless leader who will always be there. In our hearts. Sometimes. Mostly just on GoogleTalk.

Michael – Michael Lyons, former T.R.A.S.H. player extraordinaire

Kaili – Kaili Zhou, ’nuff said, on many different levels of critique

“What is the People’s Republic of Chinese?” – another phrase of epic fail in which your club president answered a question about the PRC incorrectly due to a pronounced pronunciation error. The ten points granted by the question were quickly snapped up by the Kennedy High team who merely said “CHINA!”

“uhh, Shark…sharp!” – when prompted upon an answer concerning the Great White Shark and given a clue, Andrew Chen promptly gave this logical response

“…white house! white garden?!” – I forgot who said this, but yet another fail. this answer was given in response to a question concerning the location and name of a famous garden.

That concludes the bulk of our lexicon, but, mind you, it may be expanded at any time if there is a phrase or quote memorable enough.


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